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Spring Inside Columbia

Spring has officially sprung! We are thrilled over here. How about you?

things to do in columbia sc

Since the weather is still hit-and-miss, we've compiled a great list of our favorite indoor activities to do around the city! So in case the weather isn't as warm as you'd wish or if those spring showers are bringing you down, don't feel stuck at home. Just check out our list and find something amazing to do inside the city.

1. Columbia Children's Theater (Forest Acres)

Showing Seussical: April 15-24

Showing Hansel and Gretel: June 10-19

2. Frankie's Fun Park (Harbison Rd.)

A classic, but always a fun one.

3. HiWire Trampoline Park (NorthEast)

If you haven't been to HiWire, find a day on your calendar and just go! Trampolines, basketball, dodgeball, foam pits, swings! What could go wrong?

Exhibits for every age. We love this place.

Great place for kids, grandkids or kids at heart!

So much to see and do for all ages. Can you find all the stars on the building?

Tour the inside or the grounds. This building is a must see.

South Carolina State House

8. Plex Ice (Irmo)

Ice skating is fun for all ages. And we love this place.

Right up there with ice skating is roller skating. Take the kids or go out for a date night.

Great shows happening all the time, for a great price!

What are we missing? We want to know! Leave us a comment about what you like to do in Columbia when the weather isn't cooperating.

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