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Our Cleaning Caddy Must-Haves

When you're ready to do a cleaning run through of your home, having a well prepared caddy is vital. Here is our go-to caddy must-haves! This caddy will have you ready to clean any room in your house.

Glass Cleaner: used for mirrors, windows, glass-top ovens and even shining chrome

Paper Towels

Spray Bleach: used primarily for bathrooms (sinks, toilets, mold)

Microfiber Rags: great for shining chrome, cleaning mirrors

Pumice Stone: perfect for build up inside toilets and hard spots inside ovens

Rinsing Cup: used for sinks and tubs

Toilet Brush

Comet: (powder bleach) provides mild scrubbing agent, used primarily in bathrooms (sinks, toilets, tubs)

Terry Cloth Rags: useful on any surface


Grout Brush: great for edges around sinks and faucets

Hand Duster: needed for hitting light fixtures, ceiling fans, blinds and any bedroom surfaces


Rubber Gloves

Degreaser: great for build up, soap scum

Razor: perfect for removing stickers or build up on hard surfaces

Oven Cleaner: for ovens and shower walls (cuts through soap scum)

Dawn Soap: mild degreaser for generic kitchen cleaning

Now get to it! Every person is different, so you'll discover what products you love once you start using your caddy!

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