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Commercial Cleaning

Most folks don't realize that on top of the successful residential side of our business, we also offer a variety of commercial cleaning services!

commercial cleaning

Whether you're looking to have your work office cleaned each week, have mold or surface cleaning done at a work site or business, or even a new construction site cleaned for opening, we are here to help.

Since our commercial options vary so widely, we can't offer clear cut prices for those services here on our blog, but a quick phone call to our office will get you all the information you'll need.

Commercial Services:

-Office Cleaning

-New Construction Cleaning

-Window Cleaning

-Post-remodel Cleaning

-Mold/Surface Cleaning

Have a cleaning job that isn't listed above? Just give us a call and we can help you, or direct you to someone who can!

Sunflower Cleaning Group: (803) 776 9955

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