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Cleaning Tip #5 - The Dreaded Microwave

No one loves to admit it, but we've all suffered from the dreaded, dirty microwave!

We're here to share with you our favorite microwave cleaning hack that will speed up your cleaning process immensely!

Before you get in their with your sponge and cleaning solution of choice . . . take a rag and soak it in water. And we mean soak! Toss your sopping rag into the microwave and turn it on for 2-3 minutes! The moisture and heat will combine to give your microwave a nice steam bath and soften up all that gunk!

Warning*** Let your rag sit in the microwave for a minute or two before pulling it out! It will be very hot!

Now, instead of scouring the microwave, all that food should wipe right out (with an occasional exception of a few tough spots)! We recommend using paper towels for the wipeout process. Makes for easier wiping and then you can toss the mess!

**Placing a cup of water in the microwave will achieve similar results! Try throwing in a few lemon slices for a fabulous smell!**

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