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How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Often times, you'll hear how great microfiber couches are because of how easily they clean up. But, what people don't tell you, is that they show everything. Unfortunately, even a water spill will leave a noticeable spot.

We found a great (tested and tried) tutorial for how to clean up your microfiber couch!

First, you will need a few supplies.

1. Rubbing alcohol

2. A spray bottle

3. A scrubbing brush (of any type)

4. A (white) sponge

Begin by saturating any stained areas with your alcohol (poured into a spray bottle for easy use). You'll use rubbing alcohol because it evaporates faster than water and doesn't leave spots on the couch.

Use your sponge to scrub the areas you have sprayed with alcohol. Don't be afraid to scrub hard. It won't hurt the fabric and you will see the dirt transferring to your sponge.

Let your spots dry. They will feel a bit crusty or hard, which is where your scrub brush will come in.

Use your brush to "fluff" up the microfiber. Give it a good scrub and feel it come back to life.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that this tutorial will bring your lifeless couch back to life! Don't give up hope on those microfiber couches. They can look good again!

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