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The Turns

Around this time each year, our company starts doing double duty in preparation for what we call "The Turns". The Turns is the word we use for turning over (cleaning) all the apartments in a complex in a very short period of time. Normal apartment complexes don't typically go through this turnover period, but living in Columbia, SC with the University close, the flux of students in and out at the end of summer leaves many dirty apartments, in need of a good cleaning, all at once!

The only way to accomplish this is by contracting quality people and teaching them how to be successful, the Sunflower way. We don’t just hire a bunch of minimum wage cleaners; we handpick the best and then teach them how to clean to assure great quality.

We are the best turnover cleaning company in Columbia and that is because we train our cleaners to be the best. Inspectors check each unit and ensure the Sunflower cleaning standard has been met.

And there's something to be said about a company that demands hard work, expects the best quality but has cleaners returning each year to do it again (even in the hot SC heat of summer)!

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