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Cleaning Tip #4 - Magic Eraser

Here we are with another cleaning tip for you! This week we're talking about something most of you are probably familiar with: the Magic Eraser.

Magic Erasers are made from a material that has been around for 20 years, but is just recently being discovered for it's cleaning abilities. Most parents with young children always have a Magic Eraser on hand because they are well known for getting crayon off of walls. But we're here to tell you what else they're great for!

Common places we use the Magic Eraser:

-Shower walls (glass or tile)

-Toilet bowls with bad build up

-Cabinets and counters with tough stains

-Wall stains

-Build up in sinks or tubs

The Magic Eraser is comprised of somewhat common ingredients that work like magic (hence it's name) for cleaning when combined. And we must admit, not many knock off brands work as well as good old Mr. Clean. They're pricier, but it's all we use.

Next time you have something that just won't come clean, try your Magic Eraser! You never know.

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