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8 Professional Tips You Need to Steal From Us

Okay, we're professionals, and you're not. But, we're willing to share some of our favorite tips with you. And we're telling you, these are 8 tips you are definitely going to want to steal.

1. Always work from top to bottom. In order to never miss a thing, and to prevent your working dust from settling on lower, already cleaned, surfaces, make sure to start from the very top of the room and work your way down.

2. Work from left to right. Whether it's a mirror, a countertop, a tub or a floor, working from left to right will ensure that you don't miss a spot and it will make you faster for next time.

3. Always use a grout brush. Whether you're in the kitchen or the bathroom, always have your grout brush handy. It's great for grout, around sinks, faucets and even toilet seat hinges. Also, the back of the grout brush has a scraper which always comes in handy!

4. Clean a little every day. Don't let messes build up (unless you plan on calling us to come help out). Cleaning a little bit each day makes your big cleaning days so much easier.

5. Entertain yourself during cleaning. Find a great podcast or new station to rock out to. It makes cleaning go faster and become more enjoyable.

6. Make sure to hit the details. Small details can go a long way. Things like wiping off outlet covers and light switch plates, dusting ceiling fans, polishing your bathroom and kitchen chrome really make a room pop.

7. Treat stains right away. Treating stains as soon as they happen or as soon as you spot them will make your life easier, we promise.

8. Create some cleaning caddies. Maybe you don't have room for three, but at least have one. Make sure it's always stocked and ready for a quick cleaning job.

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