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Spring Cleaning

Summer is almost here. School is almost out. And we want our homes clean.

spring cleaning checklist

What better way is there to kick off the end of the school year than with a clean home from top to bottom?

Today we're talking about spring cleaning and the ultimate checklist for all your cleaning needs!

We've created a couple of checklists for you! The first is our spring cleaning checklist, complete with, what we believe are, all the things you could possibly clean in your home! But, we know that every home is very different. So we have some tips on how to create your own spring cleaning checklist and what not to forget!

1. Start by organizing your list by rooms. List every room in your house.

2. Enter each room and begin listing what items need to be cleaned.

3. Always start at the top and work your way down. This is a very important part of cleaning. Always start at the top of the room. Start with ceilings, walls and light fixtures and work downward. That way, your last job is vacuuming the ground where all your dust has collected through the job. But, always save your windows for very last. When you sweep or vacuum, windows collect the dust in the air. So, dust your blinds, and wipe your sill, but save the Windex for last.

4. Make sure to move your furniture around. You'd be surprised how dirty things get underneath furniture or behind it. Dust gathers even where you think it might not.

5. Don't forget the small details. Cleaning things like vents, light switch plates and outlet covers can really go a long way.

6. Don't forget to declutter while you're cleaning. A huge part of a clean house is a decluttered house. The more "stuff" you have, the more dust will collect. Try to keep your home free from unnecessary clutter. Trust us, It makes all your cleaning easier.

7. Enjoy it. Stay on top of your cleaning and step back and enjoy your beautifully clean home.

Are you ready? Jump right in with our list below!

Now, whether you want to use our list or create your own, you should be ready to do some deep cleaning! The only thing you're missing are your supplies. Our second list is complete with every cleaning tool you'll need to clean your house like a professional! We like to organize our cleaning caddies by job or room. That's why we've broken our list up by rooms. But, if you're going shopping, we have one concise list as well just below.

Ready, set, CLEAN!

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