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Cleaning Tip #2 - Cutting Soap Scum

This week we're talking about soap scum.

Soap scum is often one of the hardest things to clean because it gets out of hand quickly. It's hard to see so it tends to build up without you even realizing. We all know it takes a lot of elbow grease to cut through any amount of soap scum. Don't let your soap scum take control of your shower or tub.

how to clean soap scum

Regardless of your soap scum situation, this tip will help!

We discovered this trick just a few years ago. One of the best products for cutting soap scum? Oven cleaner. Sounds crazy, right? We thought so too. Until we tried it. It cuts through the scum easier than anything we've tried, and we've tried a lot of things.

how to clean soap scum

Grab your favorite oven cleaner (we recommend a fume free version) and spray the shower walls and tub down. Let it sit, then wipe it clean. Seriously, it's that easy. We use this one on some of our toughest jobs and it never disappoints.

**Make sure and remove your shower curtain before spraying your shower. Oven cleaner can damage plastic and fabric.**

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