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Cleaning Tip #1 - Cleaning Hard Oven Spots

Welcome back!

Every few weeks, we will be posting some of our favorite tried and true cleaning tips here on our blog. These tips are ones we use in our cleaning and don't share with just anyone. So make sure and stick around so you don't miss a single one! If you ever need to go back and find one, use the "cleaning tip" tag in the right sidebar.

This week we're talking about ovens. Nobody likes cleaning ovens. And we mean, nobody! So here's a great tip for getting your oven cleaner with less work. Use a pumice stone. Yep, a good old pumice stone.

Pumice stones, for cleaning, are sold in most large multi-purpose stores, like Wal-Mart, Target, or Kroger. They are sold in a box or wrapped in plastic. They are typically less than $3 each. And, we promise you, this little tool will save you a ton of elbow grease.

To clean your oven, grab your favorite oven cleaner and spray it down (or use your self cleaner if you have one). After letting it sit, wipe it out. Then use your pumice stone to scrape away at any caked on dark spots. You'll be impressed how easily they come off. We promise, this tip will not disappoint. We use it when we clean ovens, and we're sure once you try it, you will too.

Wondering what else a pumice stone is good for? Next time you notice yellow rings in your toilet bowls, try using your pumice stone. You won't need any chemicals and you don't need to worry about it scratching your toilet. We promise.

Is this something you're already doing? Going to try it? What do you use your pumice stone for? We want to hear from you!

Make sure and share this with your friends so they can start following our tips too.

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