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Columbia's Restaurants

Today we're talking about food. We don't know about you, but we love food. And what's better than eating out at your favorite restaurant?

Columbia is full of incredible restaurants and we are here to tell you some of our favorites.

We're breaking things down today, because there are just too many to choose from. First off, our top 10 quick dine-in restaurant choices. These range from grab and go to casual dining experiences. These prices tend to be on the cheaper side, with nothing on their menu typically over $10. You typically won't have a server at these restaurants, so no tip required.

Quick Dine-in Top 10:

1. Five Guys Burger and Fries (Order a small fry, trust us)

2. Smashburger

3. Grouchos

4. Andy's Deli (Similar to grouchos but just as good, if not better!)

5. Rush's

6. Rosewood Diary Bar

7. Eric's San Jose (Chips and Queso to-go, please!)

8. Egg Roll Chen

9. PDQ (Great fresh options)

10. Jersey Mike's (Mike's way or the highway! [plus pickles])

Our next list is on the nicer end. These range from somewhat more casual to all out fine-dining experiences. Prices vary but tend to be on the higher end. Plan for a tip, too!

Finer-Dining Top 10:

1. Midwood Smokehouse

2. Saluda's

3. Blue Marlin

4. Motor Supply Co.

5. The Oak Table

6. Dano's Pizza

7. RIOZ Brazilian Steakhouse

8. Mellow Mushroom

9. My Thai

10. Cantina 76

Last up is our Top 5 places for delicious dessert in Columbia. Yum.

Dessert Top 5:

1. Kaminsky's

2. Nonnah's

3. Cupcake DownSouth (gluten free options)

4. Tiffany's Bakery (I'll take 300 petit fours, please!)

5. Marble Slab Creamery (can't beat unlimited mix-ins)

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