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Want to make a bunch of $$$ this summer??


Sunflower CG is a local cleaning company that has been doing the “turns” for 10 years. The turns is the word we use for turning over all the apartments in a complex in a very short period of time. We have accomplished this by contracting quality people and teaching them how to be successful.


We don’t just hire a bunch of minimum wage cleaners; we handpick the best and then teach them how to clean the Sunflower-way. The average cleaner makes $2000 in just a few weeks of the turns! It’s a great opportunity for you to make some extra money in a short amount of time without wasting away your summer flipping burgers or knocking doors selling vacuums or knives. 


Every day during the turns, there are two 4 1/2-hour shifts: morning and evening. Even if you have a  job during the day, you can still make some extra money by only working evening shifts. During your shift, you’ll be put into a team with a Team Leader. The Team Leaders have done the turns before and they know how to get the teams in and out of units so they can make the most money. We provide uniforms, snacks, and water during shifts. Despite the hard work, we have dozens of returning team members every summer. Some team members have done it for 6-7 years now!


The most successful teams have found that working together as a team and pushing each other to work as fast and efficient as possible are the secrets for success! Each member of the team has an opportunity to get promoted to a more experienced position, if their performance is good enough. Some team members have been promoted to Team Leaders during the middle of the turns because they were such high achievers. Your job performance is your key to making money!


We are the best turnover cleaning company in Columbia and that is because we train our cleaners to be the best. Inspectors check each unit and ensure the Sunflower cleaning standard has been met. At Sunflower, we want each cleaner to make lots of money. If you’re the kind of person that will work hard to be the best Sunflower cleaner, then your potential to make money will increase exponentially.  







At the turns, you make money per unit cleaned. The more units you are able to complete, the more money you'll make. Take a look at our pay scale below:













Sunflower CG has been very successful at the turns and we are contracting 40 individuals to join this year’s turns. This opportunity is limited and it won’t last forever. We are going to break all our previous turns records this year and we need quality cleaners to join us!


If you are ready to make a bunch of money in only 4-5 weeks this summer, contact us today! Don’t waste your summer flipping burgers! Come make $$$ at Sunflower CG!



Office: (803) 776-9955


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