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Cleaning Tip #3 - Microfiber Rags

It’s time for another cleaning tip! This week is a good one. We want to talk about an absolute must have product in your cleaning supply kit: A microfiber rag. Or two. Or seven. If we’ve been in your home, you may have seen our lime green microfiber rags. Our employees love them. And for good reason. It’s not just any rag, there is actual science behind why they work!

A normal terry cloth cleaning rag has relatively large fibers that make up the cloth. Those large fibers often don’t cut through cleaning jobs the way you need them to. You know how it goes. You scrub and rather than picking up the mess, your rag just smears it around. That’s where microfibers step in. Their fibers are a fraction of the size of terry cloth fibers so where a terry cloth can pick up some dirt, microfiber cloths can pick up the smallest of dust particles. The fibers on a microfiber rag are typically between 50 and 300 times smaller than a human hair! About 300 times smaller than a normal terry cloth fiber!

With a high quality microfiber rag, many jobs can be tackled with only water. The fibers are so fine, they can pick up and scrub surfaces even better than a sponge. The best part is that with such small fibers, the particles that are picked up by the cloth stay stuck to it! When cleaning a surface, what’s picked up on one counter, will not be wiped across the next as you move between surfaces. We aren’t kidding! Microfiber rags should be your new best friend, if they aren’t already.

There are tons of different microfiber rags out there so finding a quality one is key. An easy test that we love is to simply brush the rag across the palm of your hand. The more imperfections the rag snags itself on, the better.

If you don't have a microfiber rag, please do yourself a favor, and go buy one. Use it in your kitchen, your bathrooms, on your windows, pretty much anywhere!

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