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Checklists are always customized to customer’s needs.

Bright Living Room

Check out our sample checklist below for Short Term (Airbnb) Cleaning Services


  • Strip beds immediately and start on QUICK WASH (22 mins)

  • Switch out comforters as needed and bring by SF office for laundering

  • If only one bed, combine with towels

  • Gather towels for next load—there could be washed towels in wash

  • Make beds with fresh linens

  • Fold and hang towels

  • Vacuum and mop all hard surfaces

  • Vacuum carpet (edge as needed)

  • Sweep front and back porch areas by door and check yard for any trash

  • Clean both bathrooms

  • Toilet paper (leave 2 wrapped unused rolls under sink)

  • Dust and vacuum bedrooms (includes doors and baseboards)

  • Dust all surfaces in living/dining area

  • Dust blinds/sills

  • Check the dishwasher—“GLASSWARE” is the fastest wash—65 minutes (might be easier to hand wash)

  • Stock: (enough for a week)

  • Wipe down kitchen—shine all chrome and stainless

  • Wipe out fridge and oven

  • Paper towels

  • Laundry pods as needed

  • Roll of trash bags (under sink)

  • Dishwasher pods (under sink)

  • Remove any trash (trash location outside) - Let Owner know if almost full

  • If there is a pet odor, use air freshener


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